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    Mojave Rattler Release

    Judy Kennedy

    by Judy Kennedy

    Right before sunrise, we went outside to watch the Perseids meteor showers, but instead were greeted by this gorgeous Mojave rattlesnake. Perhaps it's one of the locks from the Medussa's head killed by Perseus, the Greek hero who these showers are named after. At any rate, we released the snake in a safe place over a mile from our house. While it may be the most lethal, fast, and aggressive of the rattlesnakes, I think it is also the most beautiful. I suppose the Medussa would turn people to stone if her hair were filled with Mojaves! ;)

    Remember - you can always tell a Mojave from a Diamondback by the head and the tail. In the Mojave, the white bands are larger than the black bands on the tail. Plus the dark stripes on the side of the head go straight back to the ears and not down the side like the Diamondback.