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    As a broker here in the UAE we work with a large number of providers. Now Health is one of the international providers that we work with. Although Now Health is a new insurance in the market they have a very experienced manager teamed and very good plans. There plans are very customizable and very rich level of benefits. They have an excellent direct billing network and a very good customer service team. Wherever you are an individual or a group Now Health will be an excellent choice, for group they provide a very high level of discount. If you are looking for more information on now health please feel free to contact us

    UAE individual health insurance plan
    Created to insure one individual person per policy, a personal medical insurance will usually give health cover.

    These plans are great for individual expatriates or retired persons, single employees, students, and frequent visitors who pass a large portion of their time in UAE. If it sounds like the good insurance for you, discover more about our UAE private health coverage page.

    UAE company medical insurance

    If you travel often for different reason, this may be the right kind of protection for you.

    At this moment, there are numerous very good global medical insurance providers offering high-quality medical insurance plans to protect peoples, families, and groups in UAE, with many even offering global coverage options meaning you could keep your policy with you if you change country UAE.

    Ultraprecise and just
    All of our health coverage benefit details come straight from the insurance companies themselves and our database is constantly being updated to echo current information just like premium rates.

    We can provide you precise, current data and answers to the inquiries you may have, fast and conveniently.