Brigham Young Misused Tithing - Mormonism Exposed

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Brigham Young is desperate for tithing funds:

"I have a word to say to another portion of the community, some of whom may be here to−day. A great many of the brethren are indebted to the tithing office; and I have a good deal coming to me; and I intend to put you into the screw, for we mean to make you pay these debts this season. One man says, 'I owe the Church the money, it is true, but I believe I shall break and not pay it.' They want to get their money into the safe and then break. If they owed a Gentile they would pay their debts, they would work, and toil, and labor, day and night, to pay their enemy; but when they owe the Church and kingdom of God they can lie down and sleep in peace, though they owe thousands of dollars, and say, 'O! well, it is no matter whether the debt is paid or not.' I want to have you understand fully that I intend to put the screws upon you, and you who have owed for years, if you do not pay up now and help us, we will levy on your property and take every farthing you have on the earth."
Journal of Discourses 3:7, Brigham Young, September 16, 1855


Just 1 year before Brigham Youngs death, Brigham Young denies using tithing funds for his personal gain:

"You allow the devil to suggest to you that I am not leading you right, and allow that thought to abide in your hearts, and I will promise you that it will lead you to apostacy. You allow yourselves to doubt anything that God has revealed, and it will not be a great while before you begin to neglect your prayers, refuse to pay your Tithing, and find fault with the authorities of the Church. You will be repeating what apostates all say, 'The Tithing is not used aright,' etc. There is a feeling that sometimes prompts me to ask, 'Did you every pay any Tithing to me that I kept? If so, let us be informed about it.' God has so blessed me with regard to things pertaining to this world, that if it can be shown that I ever received the benefit of any man's tithing, I am able to restore it a hundred fold. This perhaps is a little levity in me, but I indulge in such things sometimes."
Journal of Discourses 18:215 − p.216, Brigham Young, August 15, 1876


After Brigham Youngs death it was determined that he owed the LDS Church over $1 million (about $100 million in modern currency) in interest free loans he gave himself from the tithing funds:

"It was finally determined that his estate was worth approximately $1,626,000, but obligations of more than a million dollars to the Church plus other debts and executor's fees reduced the family's claim to $224,000. When seven of his dissatisfied heirs challenged this settlement, however, that matter was settled out of court and the Church agreed to give the heirs an additional $75,000." (The Story of the Latter-day Saints, by James Allen and Glen Leonard, second ed. 1992, Deseret Book, p.385)