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    Extreme animal abuse: Petition to audit Coffee County Animal Control

    Alan Alsup

    by Alan Alsup

    The town of Manchester is home to the most horrible. Things that are happening to the most defenseless amongst us. Things that tax payer dollars are supporting.

    While many of us are enjoying our cup of designer coffee in a warm recliner, there are others shivering on concrete runs, exposed to the elements, and only trying their best to stay alive until someone... anyone might choose them to go to their new forever home.

    They furiously wag their tiny numbed tails as potential future family members pass by their cage, desperately trying to make eye contact -- to make a connection.

    They know the clock is ticking.

    Some are nursing cigarette burns, some still limping from a kick from one they thought they could trust, yet their little tails still wag. It's not their fault they're here, and they don't really understand why. They tried their best to fit in. Each has a story, but not many will listen. So very sad.

    Now imagine this; At this same facility, man's best friend, pets and strays alike are being shot, tortured, brutalized, and killed. Then tossed into a dumpster as mere trash. Donations of blankets refused, cells hosed down in freezing temperatures without removing the dogs, a live puppy was literally frozen to the concrete.

    Denied the basics of human compassion, these puppies continue to suffer. Local news channels have reported these facts, the mayor turns a blind eye, local news channels report the facts again.

    County officials continue to ignore the suffering, while the survivors still wag their little tails and hope.

    It's all they have left.

    Please take thirty seconds to sign this petition to the Governor of Tennessee. This one would make a difference.