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    Hetalia - Nyotalia Characters

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    von SkadiPirate

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    Name of the song and the artist are written in the beginning of the video.
    (I didn't include Wy in this video because...there was no more space for him OTL;;;;;; He will be included in an extra-video for the micronations though.)
    My YT channels are: "SkadiPirate" and "SkadiPirate2".
    I'd like to credit the artists of the pictures but I have a limited space to write here o_o
    But the pictures can be found on Photobucket, deviantART, zerochan and/or e-shuushuu.
    I do NOT own the song!
    I do NOT own the pictures!
    All credit goes to their respective owners!
    This was made for fun!!
    Hetalia by Himaruya Hidekaz