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    Aalam aur Aalim with Aamir liaquat Hussain Ep # 08 (14th February 2013)

    Aamir Liaquat Hussain

    by Aamir Liaquat Hussain

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    n public demand, the programme, which set new records in Pakistan media, ‘Aalam aur Aalim’ has been put on air once again. Research scholar and anchor Dr Amir Liaquat has come up with a unique style to win the hearts of his fans from across the world.
    In its first episode on Monday, Dr Liaquat said that knowledge knows no bounds but some short-sighted people tried to limit it. He said knowledge should be backed by action and the change of title from Alim Online to Alam aur Alim makes no difference as the main thing is to stick to the cause.

    He expressed regret over the violence prevailing in the country which is facing uncertain situation as no one is safe here. He said that satisfaction lies in tolerance and love. Giving message to his thousands of fan in the world, he said no society could progress ignoring tolerance and love. He said his programme is aimed at eliminating hatred and promoting a culture of love so that mankind is served in a better manner. He said, “We can serve the nation by bringing different segments of society closer and by accepting the identity of one another. He said that ‘Aalam aur Aalam’ has been started keeping in view the same spirit so that sense of tolerance among the people could be promoted and message of love could be developed among the countrymen.

    Qari Muhammad Saeed Noamani Madni recited Surah Fateha and the last ten Surahs of Holy Quran in different styles. The programme ended in prayers for the betterment of humanity. Giving their input, the audience praised the new style of the programme and hoped that it will create a culture of tolerance and love in the society.