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    Kitani Mohabbat Hai -- Episode#11


    by LoveKMH4Ever

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    Note :: No Copyright Infringement Intended. Courtesy of Imagine TV Channel.

    Original Telecast Date :: 4th Feb, 2009

    About Kitani Mohabbat Hai :: It is said that love can change people unbelievably... this is exactly what happens when Arjun, a business tycoon meets Arohi, a simple small town girl brought up with the right values and has a voice of a nightingale.

    Their worlds collide and Arjun becomes the cause of a great calamity in Arohi's life. Arjun's passion sees no bounds as he leaves all the luxuries of his life, goes against his father wishes, changes his identity with the sole aim of nurturing Arohi's dream...

    Kitani Mohabbat Hai... a love so strong, it tore them apart, a love so strong, it could never re-unite them... a passionate story of loving, losing and yet, living!!!