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    What's Up With Gaga? Demi Lovato Wants Gaga on 'X Factor', Covers V Magazine


    by ClevverMusic

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    It's been a roller coaster of a week for Mother Monster, we'll break down everything you need to know. You're watching What's Up With Gaga? on ClevverMusic, brought to you by Misty Monster. As many of you already know we started this week with unfortunate Lady Gaga news that after a recent show she could not walk. A severe medical condition was revealed as joint inflammation, something she had been hiding from her staff. The pain escalated, and since Gaga has not only revealed she needs hip surgery but that she has to cancel the remaining Born This Way Ball tour dates, which include over 15 stops. Live Nation is offering refunds for the tickets to Little Monsters, and regretfully the shows won't be rescheduled. Mother Monster is not surprisingly devastated at this turn of event, but all we can do at this point is wish her a safe and speedy recovery.

    But that's not all. Even though Gaga could not perform, she did not cancel a special meet and greet with a terminally ill fan who travelled from Wisconsin to Chicago to see her. Gaga swung by to see 5-year-old Kayleigh Gurbynski in Chicago even though her concert was cancelled. Kudos to Gaga for still making this happen. I'm sure Kayleigh was over the moon.

    In an opposite update, Little Monsters are now trying to get Perez Hilton banned on Twitter for hateful things he has said about Gaga. It seems DJ White Shadow, Gaga's pal and touring buddy started it all. He was upset by tweets by Perez Hilton that said, "Lady Gaga has cancelled the rest of her entire tour." And "#Karma It's real!!!" Insinuating that something Gaga did came back to bite her. DJ White Shadow tweeted, "To kick someone while they are down is the lowest... Gaga's wounds will heal, Perez is a disgusting human with no chance of redemption." And in a second tweet, "U need to block that piece of shit. Don't read his website. Start a movement to ostracize him. His only strength is u reading his garbage." Those are some very strong words from DJ White Shadow. And in response, it seems Little Monsters have united. On Twitition a petition to ban his Twitter account read, "Ban the Twitter Account @PerezHilton for Hate and Defamation." So far it has 7,400 signatures and counting.

    An unlikely figure that is rooting for Lady Gaga is Demi Lovato. Demi was at The Grove in LA at the Topshop store opening and told 'Extra' that she'd love to see Gaga as a judge on Fox's hit show, 'X Factor'! Obviously, we think this is a great idea. Gaga is very nurturing and very insightful so we think she'd be great on the show. Demi also said she has no idea what is going on with the show or if she will return next season.

    Lastly, it's been awhile since we've seen Gaga on the cover of a magazine but she is covering the new issue of V with her manager Troy Carter. The photo appears to be from the Presidential Inauguration where Gaga performed last month, and the inside cover story talks about the power couple's musical innovation. Troy is the subject of the interview and he reveals details about the 'ARTPOP' app, how he met Gaga, and his most memorable Gaga moment. You can check out the mag February 28th.

    That was a lot of Gaga news this week Little Monsters. What do you think of Gaga on 'X Factor'? Tell us below if you think that's a good idea? Thanks for watching, tell your friends, and definitely subscribe to our YouTube channel. I'm Misty Monster, signing off.