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    Probe the Humans Trailer iPhone/iPod/iPad (FREE Game) HD


    by jojopetv

    Trailer of the endless abduction/high-score game, Probe the Humans.

    Download (FREE) -

    The most scientifically accurate alien abduction simulation!
    *According to our researchers at GameResort.

    Have you ever fantasized about piloting a spaceship? Have you ever felt the urge to wreak havoc on a small rural farm town? Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of kidnapping hundreds of people and farm animals?

    Don't be ridiculous, of course you have.

    You asked for more zombie games - and we delivered something completely different. Probe the Humans is an intergalactic probe-fest designed to fit inside your pocket.

    You can thank us later.

    - Collectible humans and animals.
    - Unlock new UFOs.
    - Tons of upgrades and power-ups.
    - Endless hours of intense high scoring fun.
    - Tanks and stuff.

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