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Longboarding - Apex 40

il y a 5 ans1.4K views

The Apex 40 longboard (new for 2012) is the culmination of the design concepts, trials, and tribulations, that began with the initiation of the Apex 37 project here at Original almost 4 years ago; http://www.originalskateboards.com/lo...

Of course that longboard development is only part of the story.
The riding seen here is the result of 4 years of hard work (in the face of adversity) by our team. With more riders (and styles) contributing to the effort than in any video we have ever released (more filmers as well), we feel that this video show cases the versatility of both the Apex 40 as a longboard and longboarding / skateboarding as a sport.

Ride how you want to ride,
Find a way to positively contribute to the things (sports or otherwise) that you love, and of course...
Go longboard.

More at: http://www.originalskateboards.com

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Longboarding - Apex 40
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