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    "Survivor" Winner Speaks at Cloonan


    by itsrelevant

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    Sophie Clarke isn't the average medical student.. she's also the winner of the show "Survivor." Clarke took the title in 2011. The reality-tv competitor spoke to students at Cloonan Middle School Thursday about her success as a contestant and student. She says she didn't let the odds of being selected for the show stop her from applying.
    Clarke is also a former College For Every Student Scholar. CFES is a national program that helps students pursue higher education. Cloonan has embraced this program for three years. In 2012, CFES launched its first Science Technology and Engineering Program at the Stamford middle school.
    Clarke stressed the importance of pursuing careers in these fields. The Bureau of Labor has projected there will be a 9.2 million STEM jobs by 2020.