Flaming Syrian jet fighter seen downed - amvid

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A Syrian fighter jet plummets through the air, tail ablaze.

Amateur video purports to show the imminent crash in Hama, Syria on Thursday.

Another clip is said to show a downed jet on the ground in Hama with some parts of it still on fire.

President Bashar al-Assad's military has used air strikes, often against urban areas, to try to keep advancing rebels at bay during the 23-month-long civil war. The rebels have limited means to fight back against jet fighters.

Reuters is unable to independently verify the content of this video obtained from a social media website.

Another unverifiable amateur video clip purports to show rebel forces in Shaddadeh, in the eastern, oil-producing province of Hasakah.

Rebels said they captured Shaddadeh after three days of battles in which, they said, 30 members of the al Qaeda-linked, anti-Assad, Nusra Front and 100 soldiers were killed.

A World Food Programme team visiting the area said 40,000 people had fled the fighting.