Quadriga: Nuclear Power Poker Straight to Nowhere

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North Korea carried out another nuclear test this week, reaping widespread condemnation. Iran continues to build up its stockpile of enriched uranium, despite fierce objections from the international community. Meanwhile, the pace of disarmament in the US and Russia is slowing. Is the idea of a world without nuclear weapons completely utopian?

The UN Security Council has strongly condemned North Korea's latest nucler test. Even Pyongyang's most important backer China expressed its firm opposition. But North Korea remains apparently unfazed. Fears are growing of a nuclear arms race in northeast Asia.

Iran says its nuclear program is purely peaceful and rejects Western allegations that it is developing the capability to build an atomic bomb. However, Tehran refuses to allow inspectors from the UN nuclear watchdog, the IAEA, access to all the sites and information that they require.

How much danger do North Korea and Iran really present? And do nuclear-armed countries like the US and F
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