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IP2 stands for "Individually Produced Parts" . Whereas, each rider has 100% control of the direction, action and content collected to produce their own part for Volcom's 2012 Snow project. We identified the riding characteristics of our team, matched them up with a videographer and gave them the green light. We are excited to share their personalities, travel experiences and shit they pulled off this past season.

#IP2 Riders:
Curtis Ciszek
Jamie Lynn
Dan Brisse
Dylan Alito
Bjorn Leines
Scott Blum
Zac Marben
Bryan Iguchi
Seth Huot
Daniel Brown
Cody Beiersdorf
Arthur Longo

#IP2 Cameras and Edits:
Jake Price
Pat Barraza
Seth Huot
Justin Turkowski

#IP2 Locations:
Jackson Hole
Mt. Baker
Revelstoke, BC

- Music -

Song: "Soliloquy"
Artist: Riverboat Gamblers
Release: The Wolf You Feed
iTunes: http://georiot.co/4BGL
12" Vinyl: https://store.volcoment.com/item/147081

Song: "Hip Hop Chicks"
Artist: Casual
Release: He Still Think He Raw
iTunes: http://georiot.co/44tC

Song: "Staring at the Wall"
Artist: Jeff the Brotherhood
Release: Hypnotic Nights
iTunes: http://georiot.co/2AvF

Song: "Back to You"
Artist: Goons of Doom
Release: Revenge of the Goons
iTunes: http://georiot.co/3ts

Song: "Messiah"
Artist: Night Beats
Release: Night Beats/VEVC0027
iTunes: http://georiot.co/2Hpy
VEVC0027 7" Vinyl: https://store.volcoment.com/item/147139

Song: "Time"
Artist: Ty Segall & White Fence
Release: Hair
iTunes: http://georiot.co/i4P

Song: "Big Sea"
Artist: 5ive
Release: Hesperus
iTunes: http://georiot.co/3clS

Song: "Do It"
Artist: Black Bananas
Release: Rad Times Xpress IV
iTunes: http://georiot.co/orr

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