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    Just My Little PayCheck! By The GetDowns!(7779)

    The GetDowns Soar! & Inspire!
    The GetDowns Will Take You Higher!
    The GetDowns Are An Spectacle!
    The GetDowns Are Remarkable!
    The GetDowns Are Hot!
    The GetDowns Give What They Got!

    The GetDowns & Funkman(funk7779)! Are From 185 Arsley Loop, Apt 17 B, 11207-The High-Rise Starrett City Public Housing Projects of East Brooklyn In NewYork!

    FunkmanFunk7779!-The Funk Prophet!

    FunkmanFunk7779!-The Soul Prophet!

    One of The Hottest Funk Bands Of The Super Fly 70’s!

    FunkmanFunk7779!- The Urban Legend!

    FunkmanFunk7779!- The Urban Myth!

    FunkmanFunk7779 is known for his pimped-out fashion! & for often sportin’ vivid colors, velvet,super fly collars,
    Neatly trimmed afros, & Platform Shoes!

    Relax YourSelf! & Let Your Conscience Be Free! Then Delve Deep! Into The Mind Of Funk7779!

    Pick Out Your Afro! & Lace Up Platform Shoes!

    The GetDowns !!-Only On Louie Gordy's Style Record Label! **(The Sound-Style That Makes The World Go Wild!)*

    FunksVille USA!-The Land of Funk!

    **(Special Thanks To The Producer: Funkman(funk7779))**

    Louie Gordy’s Soul Subway!- The Hippest Trip In The World!

    Funksville U.S.A.!-Boogie On Down! To The Louie Gordy Sound!

    The Louie Gordy’s Funktown Record Label Produces More gut-bucket Soul Music, Southern Rhythm
    and Blues!

    Louie Gordy’s Funktown Records Is Not Only Making Music, They’re Making History!

    Louie Gordy’s Funktown 25: Yesterday,Today & Tomorrow!

    Louie Gordy!-The Music! & The Magic!

    A Special Thanks To The FunkTown Records Head: Louie Gordy who Signed
    The GetDowns !!- To The Label! & Sparky Robinson (FunkTown Records Singer & Composer-From Sparky Robinson & the Wonderfuls!)

    Louie Gordy! –A Man Of Vision!-Drive!-Talent! & Determination!

    Louie Gordy's Soul Subway!- The Hippest Trip In The World!

    ***Louie Gordy’s Funktown Records!-The Sound Of The Super Fly 70’s!***

    You're just in time for another ride on the big Train!

    Afro Sheen-BlowOut Kit!-For The Natural!
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    Alright! Get Down!-Its Time For The SoulTrain Scrabble Board!-You’re Have 60 Seconds & Lets See If You Can UnScrabble The Name of this Famous Singing Group You Should Know,- You’re Win A Year Supply Of: Johnson Products, Makers of Ultra Sheen,Afro Sheen & Ultra Sheen Cosmetics!

    If That didn't do it, it can't be done!
    Come Jam with us next week on these stations!-
    I'm Your boogie Man,
    In always In Parting, We Wish You, Love,Peace & Soul!

    Also Available On MusiCassettes & Stereo 8-Track Tapes!

    Fly! The clothes, the cars, the dialogue, the whole scene!,GetDown!
    Give Me Five! On The BlackHand Side!
    In the Hole, You’ve Got Soul!

    Afro Sheen-BlowOut Kit!-For The Natural!
    (Johnson's Afro Sheen...The Largest-Selling Products In The "Natural" World!)
    Johnson Products Co., Maker of Afro Sheen & other hair-care goods.