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    RCTV #535: StarTrek Specialw/Nichelle Nichols,Michael Dorn,Marina Sirtis & more!

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    by Reality Check TV

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    Interviews with Fans in their vintage Star Trek Costumes.a couple with Tribbles,memorabilia on display and Bretn Spiner ("Data" from the next Generation Series) meets a hot sexy fan.

    Michael Erin who played Jack London on "Star Trek:The Next Generation in teh 2 part episode "Times Arrow". Michael tells agreat BrenT Spiner story about Sean Coonnery interupting a shoot and more.

    Michael Dorn, who played the Klingon Lt Worf on "Star Trek:The Next Generation" tells us about being on the series and appearing in the forthcoming comedy "Unbelieveable!!!!!"

    We welcome back Marina Sirtis, who played Counselor Deanna Troi on "Star Trek: The next Generation", Marina talks about her latest projects and meeting some interesting Trek fans.

    We welcome back Celeste Yarnall, best remembered for her role on the original Star Trek at Yeoman Martha Landon, who talks about her new book and involvement in the forthcoming sci fi comedy "Unbelieveable!!!!!"

    We welcome back Barbara Luna who appeared in the episode "Mirror Mirror" on the original Star Trek TV series, as well as well as Star Trek: New Voyages". Barbara talks about her many projects and the forthcoming sci fi comedy "Unbelieveable!!!!!"

    With Celeste Yarnall joining us, we talk to Steve Fawcette director of the forthcoming Sci Fi Comedy "Unbelievable!!!!!". The film stars many former cast members of all the Star Trek series, yet ironically has nothing to do with Star Trek!

    Celeste Yarnall interviews a young up and coming actress named Linoria Aghajhani about her screen debut in the sci fi comedy "Unbelievable!!!!!" Linoria plays the role of Amber Earhardt.

    An Exclusive! The legendary Nichelle Nichols, who played Lt Uhura on both the original Star Trek TV Series and the movies! Nichelle talks about working with Gene Roddenberry and having the first important and intelligent role by an African-American actress as well as her involvement in the forthcoming Sci Fi Comedy "Unbelievable!!!!!": where she plays 2 roles!

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