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    Corporate Team Building Singapore Workshop - Get Skilled Team Building Trainer 36 HR Training and Consultancy

    Looking for A Corporate Team Building Workshop by A Seasoned Team Building Trainer?

    Famous leaders like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bill Gates didn't build their businesses alone. They built teams - members shared a common vision.

    Lee Iacocca once said, "A major reason capable people fail to advance is that they don't work well with their colleagues." Do you agree?

    36 HR Training and Consultancy specialises in customising corporate teambuilding workshops in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Vietnam and any asia country. The chief trainer is Tan Teck Kim who differentiates himself from competitors due to his passion and ability to bring out the best in his participants.

    Is your team having problems with teamwork? Is your team suffering from a lack of cohesion and productivity? Do your team members TRUST each other? Is a corporate team building workshop or team bonding event what you need to set aside time to bond and build trust?

    Or is your team EXPANDING too rapidly that you need to integrate new members into the culture? Are you trying to rebuild a new team culture through corporate team building activities and training?

    Why not start with a simple, fun and interactive corporate team building workshop in Singapore or Malaysia or wherever you may be?

    Tan Teck Kim, performance coach and seasoned trainer specialises in bringing out the best in personal and team excellence.

    Do you want to :
    Learn from other organisations what are the top characteristics of successful teams Learn to build a trust and quality culture
    Set aside time for Self Reflections of our roles in teams
    Build Your Team to have A Common Purpose and Shared Mission
    Build quality relationships to get the mileage and connections.
    How To Resolve Conflict within Teams
    Lead The Commitment to Innovation
    Start Quality Dialogues and Empowering Conversations?

    36 HR Training and Consultancy can customise a programme to suit your needs - whether you need a corporate team building workshop in Singapore for 1 day or 2 days, or whether you have certain unique needs. Our fees are very affordable and reasonable.

    We also run team building Singapore events, team building Malaysia workshops, corporate team building workshops with Dance or Fitness exercises.

    Steve Jobs once said, "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish." How 'hungry' are you for a change in your team culture? Are you 'foolish' enough to learn from others?

    Contact corporate team building workshop Trainer, 36 HR Training and Consultancy here :