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    Episode 1 - Bear Hug Productions Podcast


    by MyselfOverwhelmed

    A podcast I'm helping some friends make. I'll contribute to more of their stuff in the future, but for now I'm a third voice and the creator of the logo. I'll use my better mic next time...

    Bear Hug Productions:

    Intro/Outro Music by Moogl3:

    Featuring: Rich @Useeria, Robert @RobertSivahn, and TJ @meoverwhelmed

    Zombie Apocalypse Montana -
    Day-Z Stand Alone Game -
    Arma 3 devs released from jail -
    Journey game -
    Dice Summit -
    J.J. Abrams and Valve -
    Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within -
    Valve's Source Engine 2 -
    Mandatory Kinect -
    Battlefield 3
    PlayStation Announcement -
    PS Vita as controller -
    Kids doing stupid stuff -
    Minecraft -
    Myself Overwhelmed -
    Frankie on PC 1080P -
    Tekkit -
    Achievement Hunter Let's Plays -
    Rooster Teeth -
    Capitol City Theater -