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    How to Make the Blarney Earrings with a Centaur Wig Jig

    Beadaholique Dot Com

    by Beadaholique Dot Com

    652 views - In this video, see step by step how to make the Blarney Earrings using two guages of craft wire, Miyuki cube beads, and a variety of tools.

    Designer: Megan Milliken

    You can find the supplies in this video at

    Wire Jigs

    Wig Jig Centaur LITE Clear Acrylic Jewelry Wire Wrapping Tool
    SKU: XTL-6086


    Artistic Wire - Plated Copper Wire

    Artistic Craft Wire Silver Plated Emerald Green 24 Gauge 10 Yards
    SKU: WCR-2413

    Artistic Craft Wire Gold Color Brass Notarnish 20 Gauge 6 Yards
    SKU: WCR-2033

    Miyuki Beads » Cube Beads 4mm

    Miyuki 4mm Glass Cube Beads Silver Lined Emerald Matte 017F 10 Grams
    SKU: DSQ-0171

    Lindstrom EX Series - Flush Cutter Pliers 5 Inches Long
    SKU: XTL-5520

    Eurotool Nylon Jaw Pliers Chain Nose
    SKU: XTL-0074

    Beadsmith Jewelry Fine Round Nose Micro Pliers
    SKU: XTL-5514

    Xuron Jeweler's Super Fine Pliers Chain Nose Flat Nose
    SKU: XTL-5450

    Wire Looping & Bail Making Pliers

    Wire Looping Pliers - Concave And Round Nose
    SKU: XTL-5032

    Wubbers Bail Making Jewelry Pliers - Large 7mm & 9mm Size
    SKU: XTL-0032

    Eurotool Wire Rounder Tool Set - Includes Wood Top Pin Vise & Two Cup Burs
    SKU: XTL-0130

    Brass Gauge Caliper Measure & Convert Inches/Metric
    SKU: XTL-9040

    Beadalon Large Beading Mats - Prevent Bead Rolling 13 X 18 Inch (Set of 2)
    SKU: XTL-9935