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    The birth of eros 1989 РОЖДЕНИЕ ЭРОТА Russian animation English subtitles

    Deze video heeft een leeftijdsbeperking gebaseerd op onze Gebruiksvoorwaarden


    door eus347

    Soft Subs can be activated at the top of the screen.
    Animation of Anatoly Petrov, The first of 4 with greek mythological stories about Aphrodite and Eros he made between 1989 and 1996.
    The style is quite experimental as he strives for a 3 dimensional effect using just celanimation means. For animating it means he drew 2 layers for each animation sequence, and he drew them all by himself, showing his extraordinary skills as animator. Also it's like he show you his style by sometimes using sketch material, and the other time fully worked out animated sequences. It gives the animation a quit experimental character. The nudity in the 4 animations is unique for soviet animation. Yet it's a painter's nudity, necessary for the exactness of form he strives for