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    Brasher Nats 2012 - ULEGAL

    Adam Jackson

    by Adam Jackson

    Have you got a burnout pad in your backyard??

    Mick Brasher does and this is the ultimate house warming party! 7 burnout cars a huge concrete burnout pad in the backyard and good neighbours.

    Big thanks to everyone who let us use their footage from the day - you guys got some amazing stuff!

    Just a quick add on :

    Thanks for the positive feedback - a lot of people passed on footage (will find out their names) and it is 100% down to Mick Brasher - he thought of everything - chopper and all!

    Big Thanks to (for sharing their footage)

    - Brendan "Chilly" Bellew
    - Travis Wilson
    - Tricky
    - Wristy!

    Thanks guys!