Syrian bombing victim: "all the children are dead"

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Airstrikes on Jobar left shards of glass, debris and dust on her home. The toll on her family --- almost too difficult to contemplate.

SOUNDBITE: Unidentified woman saying:

"The children were sleeping. May God extract his revenge on those responsible. A child was sleeping here, she was three-months-old. What did we do to deserve this? What did we do? All the children are dead. Is Bashar al-Assad going to rebuild our homes or bring back our dead sons?

The attacks on her neighborhood, just south of Damascus, are far from over according to this latest video posted to a social media website whose content Reuters cannot independently verify.

Other video showed fighter jets swooping in on Deir Al Zor while Syrians in Ghouta reported heavy shelling.

And in Idlib, a dark streak zoomed toward the earth ---the black trail of a military jet rebels say they downed .

All part of a nearly two year old conflict with a death toll the U.N. says is approaching 70,000.