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    explaining the collapse of the twin towers


    by 911trutherdebunker

    this is the explaination of how the twin towers were destroyed by the planes that hit them and how planted anything was just not possible, i ask one question that not even the smartest member of the A&Efor911truth group can answer, if they know it was a controlled demolition they would be able to answer this question.
    how did anyone manage to set planted devices in the towers, attached directly to the steel, which is where it needed to be in order to destroy that steel, in such a way that the planes impacts wouldn't set off those devices and collapse the towers upon each impact? don't forget that the planes did make contact with the steel in the cores (the top of the south tower falling over to the side that was hit just before the tower collapsed is the evidence that the plane penetrated the core and destroyed the steel on the side it hit and the north tower suffered the same type of damage) and also don't forget the fireballs, static electricity created by the planes friction, and the buildings severed electrical wiring also made contact with the steel in the how did the so called planted devices not get set off by the impacts?
    when reading this if you can not answer the question you need to ask anyone within the 9/11 conspiracy theory movement to explain it to you because that is the only way to explain how the towers were taken down by a controlled demolition, and if you don't have an answer how can you believe a controlled demolition? go ask anyone, no one will be able to answer the question because the towers were not taken down in a controlled demolition, if you don't understand how they were taken down then watch the video again. and see if you can prove my explaination wrong.