Stove Pipe Adapters For DuraTech & DuraPlus Chimney Pipe

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Joe explains the different types of adapters that make the connection from single wall or double wall stovepipe to Class A high temp chimneys.

The DuraBlack Stovepipe Adaptor is used to connect DuraBlack single-wall stove pipe to DuraPlus or DuraTech chimney support boxes. This adapter can also be used to connect DVL double-wall stove pipe to DuraPlus or DuraTech chimney support boxes.To learn more about this adapter click here

The DuraBlack Slip Connector is used to connect DuraBlack single wall stove pipe to a ceiling support box. You will want to use the slip connector if you need to be able to adjust the height of your stovepipe. Adds 3"-13" of length to rigid pipe for a perfect fit. Only connects to rigid DuraBlack stove pipe and cannot be used with telescoping pipe lengths. Allows drip-free installation without cutting the pipe. For more information about the slip connector, click here

The DVL Adapter is used to connect double wall DVL stove pipe to DuraTech, DuraPlus, DuraPlus HTC, and DuraLiner for a through-the-wall or ceiling support installation. Provides a strong mechanical connection. Comes in galvanized painted black. For more information on this adapter click here

The Snap Lock Adapter snaps into the ceiling support box or finishing collar and extends down to fit into Snap Lock stovepipe for a drip-free connection to a DuraTech, DuraPlus HTC, or DuraLiner Chimney System. For more information on this adapter, please click

We hope this information is helpful to you, but If you have any other questions or need further help, please visit our website or call one of our chimney experts.

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