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    Bernhard Eder grew up in a small farming village in the Austrian countryside. There he made up his first band wa:rum, formed with friends and
    playing at parties and small festivals in the region. As a consequence, in 1997 Bernhard moved to Vienna to study Audio Engineering and, in
    addition, jazz vocals at the Vienna Conservatory. Meanwhile, he released three records with wa:rum, and become popular on Austria's biggest
    alternative music radio station FM4.
    In 2006, Bernhard moved on to Berlin for a new beginning in life and establishing his solo career. It leaded to the debut album »The Livingroom
    Sessions« (2007), introducing a dozen of lo-fi acoustic own songs and interpretations of Radiohead & Pet Shop Boys songs to his audience. The
    album was reviewed positively, and rewarded with airplay all over Germany and Austria.
    During his »Berlin Period«, he came across (and made friends with) colleagues -- with some, Bernhard founded a band to add to his new-found
    sound. Working with new musicians was an inspiration, as was the city of Berlin itself, sparking a creative fire in him. Together with the band and a
    notebook full of newly written songs he recorded »Tales from the East Side«, released in late 2008.
    Bernhard released another two records after his return to Vienna: the EP »The Unexpected« (2010) and the full-length album »To disappear
    doesn't mean to run away« (2011).
    At the time, he applied himself to something different: he was invited to write the music for the play »Die Nibelungen« at the Max Reinhardt
    Seminar (Vienna). This production led to Berhard's first theatre experience -- as musician, and as actor playing the role of Volker von Alzey.
    Back then, he was already working the conceptual breakup album »Post Breakup Coffee« (Release: 11/09/2012).
    This masterfully produced and orchestrated album hums in a tone both modern and old, swaying in slow-motion between the perimeters of
    acoustic pop, indie and psychedelic and leaving the listener with a slight taste of Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Air and Elliott Smith. Though his
    influences are apparent, Bernhard Eder has a voice all his own and uses those influences not as templets to shape himself with, but as fuel to
    propel his music in new and exciting directions.

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