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    America- Remember the lies..


    by CindyPDX

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    A few snippets from "Why We Fight"

    The first man you hear in this video is a retired NYPD officer, who lost his son in the WTC towers that fell on 9/11/2001. He was also in the Vietnam war.
    Later in this video snippet, he realizes the LIES about going into Iraq.
    NOTE: Many in America - because of what Bush said in the beginning to America & the world, thought going into Iraq was because of 9/11 like this man did.

    And the lady you hear in this used to be in the military for 20 years...until Iraq....

    PLEASE!! >> Also watch "Blowback" and Saddam Hussein
    from this same video:

    And check this Youtube vid snippet out. This video came out Mid 2006.
    (Freedom and freedom of the press my bo zo zo! )
    This video is an excerpt from the PBS Independent Lens' episode

    Not only did our government lie to America and to the world about going into Iraq, but our Congress failed us, and our US Media failed us.

    A quote from "Why We Fight"..said by Chalmers Johnson (CIA 1967-1973)
    "It is no where written that the American Empire will go on forever."

    Also watch "THE DARK SIDE" here:

    And watch "PRIVATE WARRIOR" The private side of war...
    Historically, there is nothing new about the military's use of private contractors, but the Iraq war has seen outsourcing on an unprecedented scale. The policy change came after the Cold War when the Pentagon was downsizing under then Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney. Cheney first hired Halliburton as a consultant and later became the company's president. Halliburton subsidiary KBR is now one of the largest recipients of government contracts.
    Watch this online here:

    See other informative videos here:

    Please be INFORMED when you go to vote in the 2008 Presidential Elections!