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    City Learns Lessons from Irene, Sandy


    by itsrelevant

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    Norwalk officials say they can't complain about how the city handled this past weekend's blizzard.

    "We did well with the resources we have to handle that kind of stuff," says Dept. of Public Works Director Hal Alvord.

    The storm dumped 22 inches on Norwalk, but major plowing was done by 7 p.m. Saturday, and cars were back on the roads.

    "The plan [we] had, [we] had it all planned out, the rest periods all planned out," Alvord says. "Nobody was released until every road was cleared."

    "We really did well, and it was because of the planning and the organization," says Mayor Richard Moccia.

    Both Alvord and Moccia say complaints were at a minimum.

    Moccia said he normally gets 30 to 40 emails and complaints during a snow storm.

    "I only had three complaints," he said, in regard to this past weekend.

    "We've been getting a lot of compliments," Alvord says. "Which is unusual, because Public Works people don't normally get complimented.

    For what could have been better, Alvord says he thought the schools, closed on Monday, could have been opened. Moccia says seasoned drivers may have worked better.

    "The new drivers, could they have done a better job on their first pass as they're learning how to plow?" Moccia asked.

    He added, "But that's not an easy job. With that snow, that heavy, to drive a plow down the street that fast, to move it, to miss cars"

    Overall, they say the city honed its planning skills from Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, and used those lessons.

    "Our focus is Norwalk, and we're trying to do the best job we can for Norwalk," Alvord says.

    "Something was reinforced," Moccia says. "Get the troops in early, get them out there early, pre-treating and making sure they're on standby and ready to go."