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    Don't Quit - Success is Guaranteed if you keep working until you succeed


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    Don't Quit! Success is guaranteed if you just keep going UNTIL you succeed.
    most people quit before they ever even give themselves a chance for success.

    Remember, many of the worlds greatest success stories are from people who went from tragedy to triumph against all odds.

    Why do those stories inspire us so much? It is because it shows us that anyone can accomplish anything, if you just set your mind to it, and keep going no matter what pops up to stand in your way.

    Do you know how much potential you were Born with?

    Not to long ago I wrote a post called “Which has more potential, you or a Tomato Seed?”

    In that post I talked about the fact that each of us has an enormous amount of potential. So much in fact, I don’t even think most of us realizes what we are capable of.

    If you haven’t read that post, I highly recommend it.

    Take a minute and compare yourself to a Tomato seed.
    What is a tomato seed capable of?

    Could that one seed provide tomatoes for the entire planet?

    Think about it, if that seed grew into a healthy plant, how many tomatoes could it produce? How many seeds would each tomato have? How many more plants could each one grow?

    When you realize what one tiny little seed is capable of, does that expand your mind on what YOU might be capable of? Does it scare you? I get butterflies in my stomach when I think about it…

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