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Christopher Dorner was an ex cop that totally went off the deep end behind his name getting ruined.

First Dorner killed two innocent people first on Feb. 6th. He decided to take the lives of his lawyer's daughter and her fiancé.

Next he killed two Police Officers that had spotted him.

He Then hid out in Big Bear, California for a couple of days.

Then finally today he killed another cop and then hid in another cabin in Big Bear, CA.

This Cabin caught on. Fire after they shot tear gas into the cabin. The cabin was engulfed in flames. Every thinks this might be over, but you never know, Chris Dorner was a slick Bastard. Now they are saying they pulled Christopher Dorner's charred Body out of the Cabin.

So the whole reason why he caused this whole Manhunt thing and went on this killing spree was because he got fired from the Police Force Five Years Ago. He tried to report a superior officer for abusing a mentally challenged man under arrest.

It back fired in him and Dorner was fired...

So instead of going for the superior officer that caused all this mess first, he cowardly went after two innocent people.

If Christopher Dorner would have just stood up like a man and did something better with his life his name would have been cleared. Instead he goes on a killing spree and causes the biggest Manhunt in California history.

Listen if anyone out there is thinking if doing some crazy shit like this call me first at (985)605-3118 I would love to help you change your life.

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