Jared Posts A Personal: Long Night (Special Guest Star Amber Nelson)

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LAST TIME ON JARED POSTS A PERSONAL: Nothing related to this episode happened. But imagine there was an episode where Jared follows this girl all over town, trying to hook up with her. The gang tags along too, because when you call your cast 'the gang' it makes your show better and also because those episodes of Girls with just Lena are absolute garbage.

Anyway, we pick up back at this girl's house after a dive bar, a beer garden, another dive bar, a taco truck, a weird Russian pool bar and a bodega. Jared's too drunk to exist, Nick and Tim want to go home, Casey is there cause she's a regular now, and Amber Nelson owns all ass in this episode. Watch it, it's my favorite thing.

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I was cruising Actor's Access for projects to submit my daughter Julia Tolchin for and I clicked on the link to see what you guys were doing. This is great shit! Really funny and cool! Great acting; great scripts, great filming, etc. I really am impressed. Best wishes to you. You've got a new fan.
- Scott Tolchin
By juliatolchin 2 years ago
get back to the ship...lol
By shadow intel 2 years ago