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    Hope for the Hopeless


    by p0eticaljustice

    This video was created in response to some atrocities currently going on around the world. Mainly focusing on the Palestinian and Israeli conflict, the civil war in Syria, Cruel treatments of the Rohingya in Burma (Now known as Myanmar), and Drone strikes in Pakistan. Although Pakistan is the main focus of Drone attacks, Drones are also used of the same nature in Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen.

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    No matter how much the grass is greener on the Israeli side,
    No matter how much they terrorise,
    The Palestinian spirit will remain alive,
    Every bomb that falls from planes in the sky,
    Every tear that falls from a mothers eye,
    Will not be forgotten when the flag of Islam is raised high.
    Anyone that would kill his own people is no leader,
    Anyone would not watch and suffer,
    Once an average man is now a revolutionary fighter,
    They may control the skies but the land we control spreads further and further,
    They may think you will live forever, but we will make that no longer,
    Very soon in Syria the world will witness a Khalifah.

    They say the Rohingya in Burma are the most persecuted and oppressed minority,
    They say 89% of Burma is Buddhist and that they oppose injustice and inequality,
    So why are there fires and massacres in the homes of a confined ethnicity?
    When their only option is to flee from their homes and live in misery,
    When they have no hope but to pray to God for mercy,
    Their story is still unheard by many, so make it your duty, to tell the world their story, and end this inhumanity.
    If it were up to you there would be no Muslim left,
    If it were up to you the whole world would be miserable except the west,
    You have put the patience of many countries like Pakistan to test,
    With the blood of our innocent and your so called allies you have made a mess,
    With the drones you murder only an animal would feel shameless,
    But because our flag has a star doesn't mean we'll fade, but we will shine in the darkness.