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    AKB Kousagi Dojo episode 3 - 2012.12.21


    by Gozua

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    FIGHTFANNERD aka Dr. Joseph M. Weinstein
    if Mayu had a gravure dvd it would kill the competition
    FlameHazeKatsu it ok to touch another people's oppai? lol xD and Kuramochi, ahaha she really knows wrestling, knowing the name and all that...ahaha (y)
    By FlameHazeKatsu3 years ago
    I know Paruru has alot of ppl that hate on her.. But ppl shouldn't hate.. See Paruru is kinda like Maeda Atsuko. They have a cool image & dnt show their feelings as much. Now I see evidence that Paruru could be a potential ace of AKB48 for the nxt generation.... along with Milky, Mayuyu, & the others girls that every1s been talking bout. :D and Kuramochi.. lol.
    By TheAzNSrey3 years ago
    Alexandre Séguin
    I hope kuramochi will have her wrestling debut :p
    By Alexandre Séguin3 years ago