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    February Song-[Final Fantasy mix with video Josh Groban]


    per Lenne87

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    Then I will write the essential..the wrist though slightly improved not allow me to do video processed as before..I loved this song and the video and then I just put the scenes of FF in my opinion seemed suitable for the words of the song.

    Ok I dedicate this video to all the people who really are close to me, and that in spite of the distance and my disappear (in the sense that maybe many here I am writing but I do not always answer immediately xD) anyway contact me remember me! And I find this wonderful thing...As I always said friends are everything to me! I love you all!

    And then I want to dedicate this video to one person in particular that February 20 will make the years! This person is Rebecca (Yuna668)! Sorry if last year I could not get any presents =( and so now I want to make xD I know it's early but since I have this problem on the wrist, I wanted to anticipate! =)

    All for now...good vision! =)