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    John John Florence Victory at Volcom Pipe Pro 2013 - Monster Energy



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    It's the same ol' soup, just reheated. Monster Energy's John John Florence claimed his third consecutive Volcom Pipe Pro title on Saturday, much to nobody's surprise. From the moment the horn sounded in nearly all of JJ's heats, it was a race for second place for his competitors. Like a hand grenade in a rock fight, it was over before it started. In his round of 64 heat, for example, he posted a 19.7 heat total early, then tacked on a couple of extra 9s in the 8-to 10-foot surf, just for decoration. It's his backyard, after all, he can decorate how he wants. And while good money was on the kid the whole event, we're still dealing with the ocean here, so anything could happen. At least that's what logic says, but John John must have some sort of agreement with the ocean. An agreement that probably says something like, "I will cooperate with you and send you waves, just make me look good." And he does. Every time.


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