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    Micci's Weekly KPOP Ranking [Ep 3. Jan 14-20]


    by kimmicci

    Micci's Weekly KPop Ranking
    Episode 3
    Week 2: Jan 14-20, 2013
    (Posted: Feb 11, 2013)

    Here's week 3! You can view the full description in my blog here: ~

    I apologize for this being really late and for me not showing up on camera. I was very ill (not anymore) but I couldn't film. Finally I got better but I'm really behind so I just did my weekly kpop ranking THIS way. I actually like this way alot better! ^^ I'll show the extra videos and the full 20 countdown, then I'll talk about my thoughts and post the music video links on my blog. This way I don't have to worry about filming myself or being on camera and people can watch the videos instead of looking/listening to me.

    oh and you may notice #20 is missing. I so sick when I made the chart i didn't realize this. Anyways, JeA- "While You're Sleeping" is in 20th place. (It would've been higher but since the video is already made... i have no choice but to put it last. I'll try not to make this mistake again.)

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