"Perform This Way" rough edit


by Al_Yankovic

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Just for grins, I thought I'd upload the original off-line for my "Perform This Way" video. This is my very first cut of the video, BEFORE any special effects or clean-ups were done (by the award-winning Baked FX). Also, I thought this would be a good way to give props to my amazing body double Vlada Gorbaneva and the incredible contortionist Marissa Heart. Also: a shout out to Madonna look-alike Holly Beavon and male dancers Phil Collins (yes, that's his name) and Josue Vega-Torres.


Yay! Thanks to Al for sharing this. I had wondered what the body double looked like. I hope she had a good time filming the video. She seemed to be having fun there at the end.
By William Johnston Last year
Excellent, i'm happy i got that link which led me here, very good and interesting job !!!! I'm a big fan of your work, Al, go on this !!!! Btw Foil and Tacky are also excellent, well, as usual.....:-)
By Guillaume Leroux Last year
Of course in the end I still stand by what I wrote on the finished product on your tutbe that is really you, but after breast enlargement surgery, a diet andd a whole body transplant. -:)
By Peter Bradfield Last year
That was absolutely awesome, I'm glad I finally found this! Thanks Al!
By Jamie Alonzo Last year
Very cool, I'd love to see more of your behind the scenes videos. This video is fantastic by the way, they all did a fabulous job, and congrats on another great song!
By Darwins Greed Last year
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