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    If you are in the process of scheduling an event either as a social gathering among family and friends, or as a corporate sponsored function which will be attended by friends, families of friends and business associates, then you will want to make an investment in the Miami catering companies with years of similar service under their belt. While there are some new facilities popping onto the scene in and around the south Florida area, there is only one that has been a mainstay in the region and respected for its unbridled level of professional service. Alexander Event Catering is the right company for you regardless of what your event entails. They have a fully staffed facility and are capable of accommodating the needs and desires of each and every client without fail.

    The majority of Miami catering companies that advertise several years of experience within the industry almost always amass these numbers by compiling the number of years each employee has had employed within the industry. With Alexander Event Catering the only experience indicated refers to the number of years that Chef Felix has been functioning as a professional caterer. Clients can rest assured that the two plus decades the company advertises as their level of experience comes from the man owning the facility and not the employees he has elected to hire. This can be a very important aspect of hiring such a company as it will definitely be evident once the event takes place.

    Don't be fooled by fancy advertisements indicating several years in business offered by other Miami catering companies. When you want the absolute best service provider in the industry at affordable rates, Alexander Event Catering is the company is the service provider for you and your guests. Honest, compassionate and professional performance is guaranteed when you hire this company and its staff to complete a corporate function or social engagement on your behalf. The warm and inviting atmosphere that will be present at your company function will be talked about for years to come. Guests will herald the host as having had the event of the year for one to be invited to. In most cases these guests will become clients themselves after being in attendance at the event that you were responsible for hosting and planning. The event organizers will employ each and every detail as desired without a moment's worry for the host.

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