10th Anniversary Bill Hicks Tribute

Neon Gekko

by Neon Gekko

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Alex Jones ranting @ Bill Hicks Tribute
Bill past away 11.20 26/2/1994 this was a man like no other an will be deeply missed by all who have seen him, he would have had so much to say now as so should all of us STAND UP & SPEAK OUT!!!


What this bloke's saying is true and laudable, but A)-Hicks did it better without yelling (unless it was one of his "spontaneous human combustion" moments!) and B)-Unfortunately, the crowd is either too thick/apathetic to get riled up with him.
I also reckon that the guy who shouts out "who do u vote 4?" is a m8 , because he had his answer down too pat.
Just an observation-I appreciate the point he's trying to make, though. Thanks 4 this.
By susan chugg 7 years ago
Alex Jones - Not much of a crowd pleaser
By amanhh 8 years ago
A mindless twit looking at a teleprompter, telling you about your freaking lives!!
By 0110110x 8 years ago