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    Leikeli47 ft. Curt@!n$ - Heard Em Say

    billy Hill

    par billy Hill

    664 vues
    Directed x Eddy Orellana (SevenEight)


    Chances are you’ve never heard of Leikeli (Leh-kay-lee). Well, good thing your computer is working today, because you’re about to discover one of the best kept secrets in music.

    Quick bio: Leikeli is from Brooklyn, NY. When she’s not working on music, she’s working on her degree. She’s decidedly self-assured— fly enough to hang with the boys, elegant enough to make them melt. And we gleaned all this from just one spin of her stunningly impressive mixtape, LK-47.

    LK holds down much of the tape solo, with the only guest vocals coming from Bun B, Curt@!ns, and Toy Store Riley.