My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Episode 64, "Games Ponies Play"

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Princess Cadance asks Twilight Sparkle and her friends to help prepare the Crystal Empire for the arrival of the Games Inspector, hoping to have the city host the next Equestria Games. With the Inspector due to arrive earlier than expected, Cadance must spend time preparing herself with Rarity's help, and asks the other five to greet and tour the Inspector. Twilight and her friends mistake the wrong pony as the Inspector, and give her a grand tour, while the real Inspector finds herself subject to a number of accidental missteps. By the time Twilight realizes their error, the Inspector has met with the other mare, and learns of how great a time she had, and despite her own misfortunations, announces the Crystal Empire as the next host city.


Sorry I mean main
By VideoMaker5000 4 weeks ago
Two different points of view! Last episode is Spikes point of view and this is The mane six's point of view!
By VideoMaker5000 4 weeks ago
@xXRainbowDodgeDashXx, The pony beside Rainbow dash's father, the one one with the pink mane and purple fur? She is Rainbow dash's mother.
By VideoMaker5000 4 weeks ago
If anyone didnt see, in the part where rainbow dash remebers the "bad news" You can see her on top of a figure with dark blue fur and a rainbow mane too, i know what you all are thinking, its rainbows father...
By xXRainbowDogeDashXx February
lol this episode was hilarious, and as everything took place spike was at canterlot facing his own issues lol.
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