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    The Departed - "Tides" Official Music Video! (A BlankTV Premiere!)


    by BlankTV

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    Band Name: The Departed
    Song Title: Tides
    Album Title: Steal The Crown
    Genre: Melodic Hardcore
    City/Country: Grimsby/Middlesbrough/Hull - United Kingdom
    Director Name: Dominic Cantwell, Lee Byatt
    Director Link:
    Producer Name: Dominic Cantwell
    Merch/Store Link:

    About The Video: The song is for everyone who has experienced persecution, hardship or rough times. A message that you can take control of your own life, turn things round, and get back up on your feet during times of adversity!

    Band Bio: The Departed began in 2006, amid a stale and stagnant scene and have since grown to establish themselves as a driving force within the UK hardcore circuit, completing numerous UK and European headlining tours. They have worked tirelessly over the last few years to put together honest, from-the-heart music about the thing they feel most passionate about; the appalling state of the world today!

    The Departed have been unchanged by sweeping genre trends and stuck to doing what they love the most... Delivering their own brand of blisteringly energetic melodic hardcore! 2012 was a challenging year for the band but they are now feeling settled and stronger than they have ever been as a band, and are eagerly awaiting to release their new album 'Steal the Crown', coming 2013.

    Who is who in the band:

    Joe Dean - Vocals
    Phil Pollard - Guitar
    Phil Hurwood - Bass
    Dave H - Guitar
    Jack Stevens - Drums

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    This one's for the hopeless who live to tell the tale
    Not everybody's listening or feeling all your pain
    I can't account for all the suffering
    By the hands of heartless fucking evil

    We're standing up
    We're fighting back
    with all we've got
    We've got no choice, no more time to waste
    No sitting back and watching everything around us fucking burn

    Everything we live for falls into the night
    Everything we work for we fight to stay alive


    No more of this
    This is not the end of everything we knew in life
    We've got a chance to TURN THIS TIDE
    To turn the tide

    Its not the end of what we know

    This is not the end


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