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    Heavy Metal 2013

    Nils Garver

    by Nils Garver

    OK, heavy metal is not exactly sitting in everybody's iDevice but for those fans that enjoy this genre of music nothing beats the chance to see as many as 40 of their favorite bands on a luxury cruise ship plying the warm sunny waters of the Caribbean. I found that part of the attraction is a strong desire to be different, stand out, even scream out hey look at me I'm "really" different and many certainly were. Metal attracts people of all ages. On this cruise ages ranged from 1 to 71 with at least 54 countries represented. Virtually every ship crew member agreed that the metal crowd were among the most polite guests they've ever had on board. Strong suggestion, even if you're a metal fan, bring ear plugs. Want to see and know more? Send me a request.
    percyvonlipinski at gmail dot com .