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    The DanQ8000 Rap


    by Dan

    Song I created using the I Am T-Pain app for the iPhone. Very random, but entertaining. Hope you enjoy!


    Hey this is DanQ, I just want to thank you
    for hittin' the yellow button and comin' on back to

    the place where HD gaming simply comes to life,
    so ya better lock up yo daughter, yo mom and yo wife

    bet you wonderin' why this silly white boy be rappin'
    when all the haters in the comments have their gums a-flappin'

    if there's just one little thing that i cannot manage,
    is that no one ever seems to get the fuckin' package!

    Wait just one second, I can't be done yet,
    rap and DQ8 go together like kismet.

    I keep my playthroughs coming, I got plenty in stock, ya
    haters always askin' "why do you have to talk, huh?"

    let's get one thing straight, it's always for the fans,
    none of you mothafuckers gonna screw up my plans.

    ok ok ok, i'll give you one last rhyme,
    since you all got better things to really do with your time

    just dont take this seriously, it's only a joke,
    even though i got the haters nearly dyin' of stroke,

    before i take my leave I have one last request
    just one itty-bitty thing I simply need to address

    it's really not that hard, no need to describe
    simply go down below: like, comment, subscribe!