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    Brava Awards Honor Ten Professional Women


    by itsrelevant

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    "I believe in women empowerment and I believe in choices. The YWCA is a wonderful organization that allows us and supports us to have choices."

    The YWCA of Greenwich honored 10 professional women at the 2013 Brava Awards at the Greenwich Hyatt Regency on Friday. President and CEO Adrianne Singer says the YWCA has been celebrating philanthropic women who live and work locally for 37 years.

    "We find that very often women are not always thanked and people in general aren't always thanked for the good work that they do and they do good work both professionally and on a volunteer basis."

    Singer says the YWCA gets nominations from numerous individuals and corporations throughout the year before the committee can select the winners.

    "It's an enormous honor. I've been in the investment business for about 35 years and have also always been very involved with the community."

    Senator Richard Blumenthal also commemorate the YWCA for its efforts against domestic violence. He announced the Violence Against Women Act, which was reauthorized by the senate, will be voted on this coming Monday.

    "Domestic violence, it's something that quietly goes on in this town. It's incredible the amount of money we put towards it, and people don't even realize it."

    Singer says this year alone the YWCA will spend $2.2 million on giving back to the community and empowering women.