Eugene Rosen (of Sandy Hook) - A FEMA Reresentative - Proven.


by US-2012

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Eugene Rosen, supposedly a caring bystander, is one of the most familiar faces of the Sandy Hook event. His hyper-emotional and ever-changing stories were standard fare on every network.

Turns out that Gene is not just anybody. First it is discovered that he is an actor. Then, that he is the CEO of local cable television. All this seems to mesh up with the seeming fakeness of his stories.

Now we discover that Gene is also a very active agent of FEMA - brainwashing children for FEMA's views on how they should respond to disasters. Remember, the FEMA that ran the concentration camps during Hurricane Latrina? The FEMA that wanted all the guns rounded up from innocent victims of the hurricane? Yeah, THAT FEMA.

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