Marvel Heroes Getting Romantic

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Have you ever wished there was a little more romance in your superhero movies? All you hopeless romantics out there just might be in luck! Marvel Comics has announced they will be releasing a new line of romance novels featuring some of their most popular female super-heroes with the first two focusing on X-Men's Rogue and Bruce Banner's cousin She-Hulk. Marvel is partnering with parent company Disney's Hyperion to publish the novels which will be about the heroes "seeking happiness and love while battling cosmic evil." The She-Hulk Diaries will focus on Jennifer Walters trying to balance her career and crime fighting along with trying to find a Mr. Right who doesn't mind a girlfriend who turns big and green every now and then. The second novel, Rogue Touch, follows the mutant after she runs away from home after accidentally putting her boyfriend in a coma. She meets a "handsome and otherworldly boy" and becomes torn between her superpowers and her new love. The novels are set to arrive in June and there are currently no plans to turn them into feature films, but it has us wondering, could we see a romantic comedy featuring She-Hulk or a tear-jerker about the life and love's of Ms. Marvel? All you ladies out there, is this the kind of thing you'd like to see or are you happy with the action-packed superhero movies we have today? And guys, would you be more inclined to take your lady to see the latest "chick-flick" if it featured Black Widow or Scarlett Witch? We'd love to hear what you thinking so hit us up in the comments or over on Twitter @ClevverMovies. I'm Tara Turnure, thanks for watching!

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