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    'Identity Thief' Review Round-Up


    by ClevverMovies

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    If you're looking for some laughs this weekend, I'm sure you had your eye on Jason Bateman's latest comedy, Identity Thief, but the highly anticipated road-movie doesn't seem to be appealing to the critics. Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon, cast the hilarious, Melisa McCarthy to play opposite Bateman, as the woman responsible for stealing his identity. Reel Reviews says, "A lot of movies released into theaters deserve the label of "bad." Only a few cross the line into "reprehensible." Say hello to Identity Thief." Ouch! Well, everyone has their own opinion of what's funny. In Identity Thief, Bateman plays a mild-mannered accountant for an investment firm run by a horrible boss. In a vulnerable instance, his character receives a call from a telemarketer where he regretfully divulges valuable information: his birthdate, Social Security number and address. Shortly thereafter, the gas station cashier cuts up all his credit cards because to his dismay -- his entire wallet of plastic has been maxed out. He quickly finds out someone is Florida has stolen his identity and is living it up and leaving him with the bill. The mystery woman turns out to be Bridesmaid costar, Melisa McCarthy, who plays an out of control shopaholic with a history of unsuspecting victims. The Los Angeles Times says Bateman and McCarthy make a memorable pair. "Its stars, Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy, steal so many laughs from such improbable places that the bumps in this revenge/road trip farce can be mostly forgiven, though not forgotten." Although most of the reviews are less than ideal, I would imagine the battle for Bateman's identity, as the pair makes the trek cross country is bound to be entertaining. And if you're a big McCarthy fan you might not be disappointed. Many reviews are crediting her comedic skills - saying her self-loathing character saved the movie. And the New York Times called her, "The movie's bliss." But what do you guys think... Are you looking forward to seeing the funny duo battle it out on the big screen? Let us know what you think about the film down below or on twitter @ Clevver Movie. Thanks for watching. I'm Tara Turnure, in Hollywood.