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    Energems: Fort Lauderdale Color Vibe 5k


    by cistudios

    Energems | Color Vibe Fort Lauderdale

    Josh, Brandon, and Diaz went out to film the ColorVibe ( in Fort Lauderdale Florida at the BB&T Center. This was the first time we have filmed the race. We were hired by a company called Energems (, who sponsored the event with their yummy energy treats.

    This shoot got a little tricky to film, cause we were shooting with our RED & Canon Cameras, and we had all our sound gear out as well. We were worried that they would become….colored :) However, people did respect the equipment (thank god) except this one girl, who threw pink color on me (Josh), while holding the MX….silly girl. All in all, this was a really exciting shoot! We even got to see Josiah, one of our staff members, participate in the color run. He looked like a walking rainbow by the end of the event.

    Energems are a tasty energy candy made with real milk chocolate. They were formulated the mission to develop an effective, high quality and great tasting energy supplement. Energems have been analyzed and endorsed by some of the country’s most noted food-science specialists for taste, safety of ingredients and effectiveness. Energems are portionable, shareable and portable.