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    GoodGame Imperium Hack v5.5 Free Download


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    GoodGame Imperium Hack v5.5 Free Download

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    Goodgame Empire is a flash-based strategy game where you role play as a lord in the medieval castle, train soldiers, build a great empire and conquer other new territories.

    The simple but lovely graphics and various characters are pure delights. As expected in strategy games, you can build barracks, woodcutters, stone quarries, farmhouses, storage, dwellings, and workshops and then upgrade them. All structures, except for the farmhouses, are made of wood, forming a wooden castle. I am keenly concerned about its vulnerability but still can’t deny that it seems so pretty anyway. It is common that in strategy games or simulation games a bunch of figures appear now and then and walk idly. But that is not the case in Empire where there are these people who do go to the forest for lumbering, the farmland for harvesting and the stone quarry for mining.

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