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    Darkfall Unholy Wars: Elementalist Role / Fire School


    με darkfalluw

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    In this video we present the skills of the Fire School of the Elementalist Role. The Fire Mage specializes in dealing large amounts of damage from long range.

    His skills are the following:

    Attunement to Fire: A self-buff that increases the fire protection, while rendering the player immune to lava damage while buff is active.

    Fireball: A ranged attack that will burn your enemy on impact, along with those in close proximity around him.

    Dragonbreath: A breath of fire that will damage everyone in front of you.

    Magma Bomb: A huge burning ball of magma, so large that itʼs affected by gravity. It has a very long range, and a large area of effect.

    Heat Stroke: A long range projectile that will massively drain the stamina of anyone that is inside its range on impact.